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Calluses are common, but that doesn’t mean you want to live with them or the pain they cause. Fortunately, you have easy access to effective callus treatment. Just make your appointment with R. Jeffrey Doyle, DPM, or H. Aden Huynh, DPM, at North Star Foot & Ankle Associates. Their team of callus specialists can remove them from your feet so you can enjoy soft, comfortable skin. To learn more, call the Garland, Texas, office or schedule your appointment online.

Callus Q & A

What is a callus?

A callus is an area of thick, hardened skin. Calluses develop on your feet in response to all the pressure and friction your foot experiences as you move throughout your day. 

They’re most common on the balls of your feet or around your heels. Most calluses are characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • An area where the skin is thick and rougher than surrounding skin
  • An area where the skin raises up into a bump or elevated patch
  • Dry skin that flakes 
  • Pain or tenderness at the callus site 

Some calluses are minor and will hardly bother you. Others are an aesthetic inconvenience or might be unwanted because they cause your feet to catch on fabric, including bed sheets. 

In other cases, the callus causes pain. If your callus is bothering you, whether cosmetically or medically, North Star Foot & Ankle Associates offers effective treatment. 

Calluses differ from corns. Calluses usually appear on weight-bearing areas, look dry and white, and are usually not painful. 

Corns, on the other hand, look waxy, often appear on the tops and sides of feet, and are tender when pressed. North Star Foot & Ankle Associates can accurately diagnose your foot condition and offer the right treatment. 

What can I do to avoid calluses?

Calluses are normal, but they’re not inevitable. You can take preventive steps to protect your feet. 

First and foremost, invest in comfortable shoes that fit properly. Then, ensure that your socks don’t slide around in your shoes, as this creates additional friction that can contribute to callus development. 

Keeping your feet protected by wearing quality, good-fitting shoes doesn’t just offer the immediate benefit of foot comfort; it also helps prevent calluses over time. 

Can calluses be treated?

Absolutely. North Star Foot & Ankle Associates offers callus treatment to any patients living with thick, hardened skin on their feet. The treatment uses salicylic acid to break down keratin, the protein that causes your skin to harden. 

This treatment is preferred to cutting or shaving away your calluses because doing so can damage the tissue in your feet, even leading to infections. 

You’re not stuck with the calluses on your feet. If you’re ready to say goodbye to those rough, hardened patches, call North Star Foot & Ankle Associates or book your appointment with their dedicated team online.