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A yellow tint to your nail is worth a visit to R. Jeffrey Doyle, DPM, or H. Aden Huynh, DPM, at North Star Foot & Ankle Associates. It’s not a cause for serious concern, but it can be unsightly and embarrassing. Nail fungus is both common and treatable. To find out if fungus is causing your nail’s yellowing and get started with effective, personalized treatment, call the Garland, Texas, office today. Alternately, you can schedule your appointment online.

Nail Fungus Q & A

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus is extremely common, affecting as many as 12% of people. And it becomes increasingly prevalent as you age. Elderly Americans are the most likely population to suffer from nail fungus. 

In its early phases, this condition is characterized by white or yellow spots under the nail. If left untreated, symptoms will worsen. Common symptoms of later stages of nail fungus include:

  • Discoloration that can be white, yellow, or brown
  • Pain under the nail
  • Nail thickening
  • Odor
  • Crumbling at the edge of the nail
  • Shape distortion

Nail fungus is extremely treatable. It’s worth setting up an appointment with North Star Foot & Ankle Associates to get the fast, effective treatment you need to protect your nail’s long-term health. 

The team’s dedicated podiatrists start treatment early, identifying the cause of the nail fungus and personalizing treatment to you. 

What causes nail fungus?

Anyone can develop a fungal infection of their nail, but there are certain risk factors that increase your odds of experiencing this condition. Those include:

  • A history of athlete’s foot
  • Age
  • Excessive sweating
  • An injury to the nail or the surrounding skin
  • Diabetes

You can also get nail fungus from walking barefoot in shared spaces, especially damp ones like locker rooms, pools, and gyms. 

How is nail fungus treated?

During your appointment at North Star Foot & Ankle Associates, your dedicated nail fungus specialist will identify the type of fungus that’s affecting your nail. Additional lab tests may be necessary to get an accurate diagnosis. 

Then, the team customizes a treatment plan for you. That plan might include mechanically treating your nail (i.e., trimming it or surgically removing part of all of the nail, in extreme cases), applying topical medication, or prescribing systemic treatment. 

With systemic treatment, you take capsules or tablets orally to remove the fungal infection from your body. 

This combination of physical nail maintenance and antifungal medications are an effective way to eradicate nail fungus so you can enjoy healthy nails. 

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms and want to get an accurate nail diagnosis, call North Star Foot & Ankle Associates or book your appointment online.